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Studio Policies


Arrive on time and incorporate dance into your regular schedule. If you miss the warming up, you have a higher risk for injuries



Please remove any jewelry, including rings, before you enter the class.


Food and drinks

No food or drinks are allowed exept for a (reusable) closed water bottle.



Stay for the entire class. If you need an exception, ask the teacher


Attentiveness and listening

Pay close attention to all instructions (including spotting techniques!). Be silent when the teacher talks and avoid side conversations while the instructor is teaching;


Smartphones and filming

Smartphones can only be used for filming during the class.

You will use your phone for no other purposes. (No texting, reading, calling, etc.)

We love that are students are proud on their performances and encourage them to share it with their family and friends. However, pay attention to your own safety and the safety of others while filming. Respect the privacy of other students and teachers. Please ask for permission of fellow students who are visible in your videos.

Do not film when a teacher is giving instructions unless approval is giving. These videos are however never to be posted and for private use only.



Please pay attention to your personal hygiene


Spatial awareness

Be aware that there are others in the studio in order to avoid contact and injury



Respect your instructors, fellow students and yourself.



Try your best. Accept that only exercise pays off and that this takes time, you will get there in the end. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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