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Studio Policies


Please arrive on time and make dance a regular part of your schedule. Missing the warm-up increases the risk of injuries.



Kindly remove all jewelry or accessories (including rings, bracelets and watches) before entering the class. This to improve your grip and safety, protect the poles from scratches, and prevent your material from damage.


Food and drinks

No food or drinks are allowed in the pole rooms, except for a (reusable) closed bottle. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden due to choking hazard.



We have a zero waste policy in Pole Arena Zuid. Please take all your waste home, as food remains in the old building can attract unwanted animals.



It is important to stay for the entire class. If you need an exception, please ask the teacher.


Attentiveness and listening

Pay close attention to all instructions, including spotting techniques. Please remain silent when the teacher is giving instructions or explanations and avoid engaging in side conversations while the instructor is teaching.


Smartphones and filming

Smartphones can only be used for filming during the class. Please refrain from using your phone for any other purposes such as texting, reading, or calling. We encourage you to share your performances with family and friends, but prioritize your safety and the safety of others while filming. Respect the privacy of fellow students and teachers by asking for permission before including them in your videos. Filming during instructional moments is not permitted unless approved. Remember, these videos are for private use only and should not be posted.



Please maintain good personal hygiene during your time in the studio.



Show respect to your instructors, fellow students, and yourself.



Give your best effort and understand that learning pole dancing takes time. Hard work pays off, and you will progress over time. Enjoy the journey and have fun 😊

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